Physician Owned Therapy Programs

In an ever-changing outpatient rehabilitation environment is your practice able to maintain complex compliance standards while excelling in clinical care and operations?

Is your agency ready to face the radical changes our industry will undergo in the future?

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Operational support provides specialized services for all areas of operations to include analytics, reporting, operational efficiency, staff productivity, financial management, and staff management.


Compliance support services will ensure your therapy clinic meets and maintains mandatory compliance requirements with current state and federal regulations as well as meeting accrediting body and licensing standards as applicable. Special attention is paid to laws, rules, regulations and exceptions as it applies to physician owned ancillary service.

Human Resources

Human resource services provides full management and oversight of all therapy staffing, recruiting, and employee management within the therapy department.


Clinical services provides physician owned therapy clinics with comprehensive clinical programs and management designed to insure the highest quality care and excellence in customer service. These include the creation of clinical protocols as well as programs to assure compliance with federal initiatives related to outcomes and value based care.


Marketing services provides your practice with marketing support to include program collateral, clinical programs and protocols, analysis of market share & opportunities, and competition analysis. With emphasis placed on client retention and market differentiation, these programs are designed to increase market share through cost effective initiatives and measurable results.

Practical Analysis

Our Analytics Team will help your practice understand its current metrics and compare those with best practices & industry norms. The strengths and weaknesses of your therapy practice will be demonstrated and benchmarked providing a source for trouble shooting and a blueprint for growth. Analytics packages are customized based on individual practices needs and market characteristics. Billing and Collections support provides specialized analysis to determine the effectiveness of coding and collections practices to insure a practice is getting paid for the services they are providing.

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Who We Are

We’ve Been Working with Physician Owned Physical Therapy Groups since 1998!

Specifically, ARMG has been a leader in helping physician owned physical therapy clinics comply with ever-changing regulatory and operational challenges. As a therapist owned Company we are uniquely qualified to help our clients navigate the complicated waters related to rehabilitation services in the physician owned ancillary environment.

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