Who We Are

Advance Rehabilitation Management Group (ARMG) is a private, therapist owned management and consulting group dedicated to providing a full suite of managed services for businesses operating in the rehabilitation industry.

With a specialized focus in all areas of rehabilitation services, ARMG has assisted private clinics, home health agencies, hospitals, and multi-specialty practices across the country by improving operational efficiencies while delivering measurable clinical outcomes that impact the bottom line, and overall success of the business.

Are you facing increased operational demands?

In today’s ever-evolving healthcare industry, practices continue to face a myriad of challenges as regulations change, populations shift and rotations of new staff are integrated into the business. Whether managing periods of declining revenue, an increasing work load, training new employees, or trying to keep up in an ever-changing environment, businesses struggle to stay competitive and ahead the competition.

That is where we come in, a partnership with ARMG can help you gain control, and remain in control of your practice—all while achieving the business outcomes you need.

At ARMG we do therapy differently. Rehabilitation services are what we do. We are a therapist owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience in rehabilitation care. Since our inception we have owned, operated and managed facilities across the U.S, providing care to hundreds of thousands of patients – all while maintaining a 93% employee retention rate across our managed facilities

Together, our partnership will transform your practice as we develop operational benchmarks and implement a proven metric systems that maximizes operational efficiencies to deliver business outcomes—all while improving compliance, customer satisfaction, associate morale, and in the end the profitability of your business.

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