Mission Statement

To be the therapy industries most recognized and trusted consulting and management firm. We will achieve this status by providing customized solutions for therapy services that meet the individual needs of our clients. ARMG success will be based on achieving excellence in clinical outcomes, operations, compliance, and associate and client satisfaction.

Care Values

To achieve our mission, ARMG decisions will be guided by:

  1. In all situations and under all circumstances act with integrity
  2. Provide excellence in clinical care with interventions based on best practices
  3. Committed to compliance with industry regulations
  4. Recruit, train, and retain superior clinicians and support staff
  5. Treat our associates, clients, and patients with respect
  6. Manage what we measure and measure everything

4 Leg Table Principle

ARMG has successfully owned, operated, and managed therapy operations and clinics around the country for 20 years. Our success is evident based on state and national accolades, a platinum reputation, and stellar employee and client retention rates. The founders of ARMG relate their success to a commitment to their mission statement and core values and by utilizing the 4 Leg Table Principle when making decisions.

The Table principle is simple. The table top represents the success of the business. The business is then supported by four legs, each of which are of equal length and strength to maintain balance and stability. One is no more important than the other and all decisions are viewed through the filter of table principle.

The four legs of the table are:

  1. Compliance
  2. Operations
  3. Clinical care and outcomes
  4. Satisfaction (associate and client)

This balanced approach to business leads to success and longevity