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The transition to value-based care, and initiatives such as the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), have dramatically changed home health reimbursement. To thrive in this new reality, home health organizations need to provide value-driven, patient-centered care without sacrificing quality.

How well are you positioned to shift from producing volume to creating value?

The shift to value-based care is evident across the healthcare landscape, with the effects of this transition dramatically impacting the Home Health industry.  Medicare’s Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), perhaps the most significant change to Medicare’s payment methodology for home health services in the last 20 years, is the latest example of this transition and it has already had a huge impact on reimbursement models for home health agencies.

A consolidation of providers is likely in this new reality.  Those who survive will evaluate and streamline every facet of their operations, and institute effective organizational change management to shift from producing volume to creating value.

ARMG has been working with home health organizations since 1998.  During that time, we’ve helped home health organizations navigate other changes to reimbursement models, such as the Prospective Payment System (PPS) which was implemented nearly 20 years ago.  We’re now working with providers to examine every corner of their operations, enabling our partners to better position themselves to deliver efficient, profitable, high-quality care, while effectively managing visits per episode and maintaining patient satisfaction.

Our goal at ARMG is not merely to help you survive in this new reality of value-based care, but to thrive.

Discover how we partner with Home Health providers.


Address the operations and utilization challenges presented by PDGM by looking across all operational processes to ensure a value-based, performance-driven organizational structure is in place. Operational support includes specialized services for all areas of operations: Analytics, reporting, operational efficiency, staff productivity, financial management, and staff management. 



Compliance support services will ensure your agency meets and maintains mandatory compliance requirements with current state and federal regulations as well as meeting accrediting body and licensing standards.






Human Resources

Design a staffing strategy that’s right for you.  Continue to manage therapy resources yourself or enable us to provide full management and oversight of all therapy staffing, recruiting, and employee management within the agency.  Whether you manage the workforce, or ARMG does, we continually invest in the workforce to ensure the team has the core capabilities they need to succeed in a value-based world.



Clinical services providing comprehensive clinical programs and management focusing on high quality clinical care delivery through data-driven, best practice care plans. This includes the creation of clinical protocols as well as initiatives to assure compliance with federal initiatives related to outcomes and value-based care.


Marketing services provides your practice with marketing support to include program collateral, clinical programs and protocols, analysis of market share and opportunities, and competition analysis.




Agency Analysis

We’ll help your practice understand its current metrics and compare those with best practices & industry norms. The strengths and weaknesses of your agency will be demonstrated and benchmarked providing a blueprint for growth.



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Who We Are

We’ve Provided Rehabilitation Management Services Since 1998!

Specifically, ARMG has been a leader in helping homecare companies comply with ever-changing regulatory and operational challenges. As a therapist owned Company we are uniquely qualified to help our clients navigate the complicated waters related to rehabilitation services in home care.

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