Chad Roberts

VP Homecare Operations

Chad Roberts, PT started his career with ARMG in 2006. He currently serves as the corporate vice president of home care operations. Prior to joining ARMG, Mr. Roberts worked extensively in private and hospital-based outpatient and acute care clinics before entering private practice for himself. Mr. Roberts is responsible for helping ARMG clients achieve excellence in home care operations to include clinical programs, outcomes and value based care programs, operational strategies, and compliance. He has been instrumental in helping agencies adopt and implement strategies necessary for compliance with ever-changing state and federal regulations. Mr. Roberts’s lectures around the country on therapy related Oasis items and provides education to clinical staff to include defensible documentation and compliance with Medicare initiatives. Chad is a certified Oasis clinician and continues to provide hands-on patient care whenever he has the opportunity. Mr. Roberts graduated from Florida A&M with a bachelors in physical therapy and is actively involved in multiple homecare association's and the American Physical Therapy Association